Who is behind

YesLand Studio ?

  YesLand Studio was founded by Herbie Cans, a multidisciplinar artist specialized in 2D animation, character design and illustration. Original from Gran Canaria, Spain.

2D/3D Animation

Special eye for detail. Delivering full and limited animation. Tools of choice go from traditional paper and pencil to TVPaint, Animate, After Effects and more. Never afraid of learning a new software.


Translating into image the concept you have in mind. Whether it's an illustration for a book, magazine or a concept for a videogame, feel free to drop a line.


Native Spanish, proficient in Enlgish, conversational in Japanese and Korean.

Character design

Model sheets, turn arounds, expression sheets and more. For 2D or 3D productions. Knownledge of cut out animation. Diverse styles, from realistic to anime or cartoony.

Story board

For advertisement, cinematics, short films... Taking the script to it's visual guide it's probably one of the most important and useful tools to solve doubts about the production, save time and money.

Remote work

Being a digital nomad is the reality of many today. I value my freedom and feel more inclined to work remotely rather than in house these days. I feel is a win win most of the times.


Herbie Cans

Over 10 years of experiece in the animation and illustration field exercise both as freelance and as employee. I proudly worked in 2 projects that were Oscar nominated. Still learning everyday!

I also founded Canarias Animada, a non profit animation festival free to access and free participation to serve as a platform to all those living and producing animation in the Canary Islands, Spain.

My aim is to promote animation industry in my region, considered by many a paradise.

Living in YesLand, an imaginary world.